• 1977

    Lan Mar Farms: The Beginning

    Lan Mar Farms started out in 1977 to be just what it's name suggested, a farm.

    The origin of Lan Mar Farms was located north of Deer Park, Washington and started by executives who wanted to be farmers.

  • 1981

    Feed Production

    Horse feeds under the LMF brand were first produced in 1981, however, the company was called Lan Mar Farms & Milling at that time (hence the LMF brand). From the beginning, certain core principles were front and center when formulating LMF horse feeds, and these principals still remain foundational in the LMF products.

    Lan Mar Farms and Milling marketing of their hay somewhat led to the introduction to other markets, primarily that of custom-made feed rations.

    "...we saw the need for high quality feed for livestock, feed that would be balanced to the animal and which wouldn't have any fillers..." Statema told the Deer Park Tribune. "...so we started the feed mill and things have just kept growing."

    At the mill Lan Mar then mixes its custom feed for poultry, swine, goats, sheep, horses and llamas. As time passed it became apparent more and more of the feed Lan Mar produced was for horses.

  • 1983

    Four New Horsefeeds

    LMF Feeds introduced 4 new products in their Horsefeed line:
    Development Concentrate (Formulas A and G)
    Equine Super Supplement (Formulas A and G)
    High Fat Race

  • 1983

    Introducing: A and G Formulas

    These formulas account for the difference inherent in alfalfa hays compared to grass hays. The larger the portion that hay represents in the diet the more important this feature is.

  • 1985

    LMF Professional Horse Rations

    In 1985 LMF Feeds introduces a new feed called Professional Horse Rations (Formula A and G) which was available in both A and G formulas.

  • 1989

    Lan Mar Farms Becomes LMF Feeds, Incorporated

    In 1989 Lan Mar Farms officially became LMF Feeds, Incorporated.

  • 1990

    LMF Llama Feed On Market

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Llama Feeds into the Northwest market. These feeds include LLama Lite and LMF Llama Concentrate.

  • 1991

    Nutrition Consultant

    LMF Feeds retains the services of Kentucky Equine Researtch (KER) to assist in horse feed expansions and nutrition.

  • 1992

    Yeast Culture Introduced

    LMF Feeds bring to the market High Fat Race equipped with Yea-Sacc1026®.

    Yea-Sacc is a proprietary strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast culture from Alltech®, a yeast strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. Yea-Sacc is ideal for equine feeds to help reduce digestive upset due to stress, performance and travel.

  • 1992

    LMF Feeds Partners with Farmers Warehouse

    With increased market acceptance and growth of the LMF horse feeds, the market was expanded into the California and Nevada markets starting in 1992, by forming a mutual production and marketing arrangement with Farmers Warehouse Company based in Keyes, California. Formulations, sales staff training, technical support, and marketing support continued from LMF with production, direct sales and distribution handled by Farmers Warehouse.

  • 1993

    New Feeds / New Innovations

    LMF Feeds continues to grow with the addition of:

    LMF Endurance Ener-G with Yea-Sacc1026®, First Feed on the Market made 60% of Fermentable Fiber and Fat.

    LMF Performance replaces Professional: LMF Performance is a textured feed that is nutritionally advanced for athletic horses, providing 60% of its energy content from a combination of fermentable fiber and vegetable oil, avoiding excessive sugar that may result in erratic behavior.

  • 1994

    New Feed Innovations for LMF

    LMF Feeds not only adds LMF to the beginning of it's feed names but it also adds a lot more for your money in every scoop. LMF Feeds now include:

    Bio-Plex® in ALL Feeds. Bio-Plex are Alltech®'s range of organic trace minerals providing mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. The Bio-Plex® range consist of organic Zinc, Cooper, Manganese...BIOPLEX minerals nutritionally ‘fit’ animal metabolism to become more absorbable during digestion and more readily available to meet physiological demands in organs and tissues.

    De-Odorase® in all Formula A products: De-Odorase is an all natural product made from yucca extract. the Yucca plant is known for its ability to reduce ammonia (NH3) arising from animals waste by acting like an ammonia scavenger. De-Odorase forms part of a nutritional strategy to reduce the impact of ammonia on health and production of horses often confined to stalls.

    Energy Pak

    Yea-Sacc1026®: Yea-Sacc1026, the world’s leading yeast culture for horses enhances fiber digestion and nutrient absorption allowing for increased animal performance. By improving feed efficiency, Yea-Sacc1026 also helps to maintain body and coat condition in horses.Backed by more research than any other yeast culture on the market, Yea-Sacc1026 delivers consistent and scientifically proven results and is the only yeast culture approved by the European Union for horses.

  • 1994

    New Feed and Name Addition

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Primetime Horse (Formula A and G) this is a pelleted feed designed specifically for the senior horse that can still chew and digest hay or pasture.z

  • 1996

    New Feed as Replacement

    LMF Showtime Performance hits the market in 1996 as a replacement for Endurance Ener-G. LMF Showtime Performance comes to the market including Yea-Sacc1026®.

  • 1996

    LMF Feeds Partners with Aslin Finch Feed Company

    In 1996, it became obvious that the LMF mill in Deer Park, Washington had to undergo a major upgrade to keep up with market demand. Based on the success already occurring in the relationship with Farmers Warehouse, rather than build a new mill, it was decided to form a similar relationship with Aslin Finch Feed Company (AFCO Distribution) in Spokane, Washington. This allowed LMF to direct it’s efforts to the continued emphasis upon formulations, technical support, training and market support and remaining cutting edge in the marketplace.

  • 1999

    LMF Feeds Launches Website

    With growth and changing times LMF Feeds strives to educate customers on their products and nutritional topics with the launch of the LMF Feeds website www.lmffeeds.com.

  • 2000

    LMF Senior Introduced

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Senior to the marketplace. LMF Senior was designed as the name indicates for Senior horses.

  • 2001

    LMF CA Complete Introduced

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF California Complete to its California line up. LMF California Complete is a pelleted feed that consists of beet pulp, alfalfa hay and other highly digestible fiber sources along with rice bran, oats and a complete vitamin and mineral package. California Complete can be fed to any type of mature horse and provides a viable alternative to feeding horses straight alfalfa diets.

  • 2001

    LMF Feeds Endorses Bob Avila

    “I have used LMF feeds on my horses for about 15 years now and I wouldn’t feed anything else ever again. I mostly feed the Pro Pellet with a good quality Alfalfa twice daily. People constantly are asking me what I do to make my horses look so good, and I tell them it is the LMF. Probably the thing I like most about the Pro Pellet aside from being an all-inclusive feed (needing no other supplements for coat or joints ect) is the fact that it is low in energy and high in fat. That way I don’t need to ride my horses all day long to compensate for feeding them a good feed. One of the benefits of the Pro Pellet for me is that I can feed a horse all that I need to in order to keep him looking good without causing any problems; therefore it works great on horses that are hard to keep weight on. I will also occasionally supplement with Cool Calories on a horse that needs additional weight.Overall in my opinion LMF is the best feed I can feed my horses!” – Bob Avilahttps://lmffeeds.com/success/sponsored-riders/

  • 2002

    LMF Free Choice G Mineral Introduced

    LMF Free Choice “G” Minerals is a high quality mineral supplement designed for horses on grass pasture. LMF Free Choice “G” is intended to be fed free-choice to large groups of horses that can’t be fed individually.

  • 2002

    Performance Horse Nutrition-LMF Consultants

    LMF Feeds retain the expertise of Performance Horse Nutrition, LLC (PHN).

    Performance Horse Nutrition® (PHN®) was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Duren. The goal of PHN has always been to advance the “science” of feeding horses, and equally important to disseminate that science to our clients in the simplest, most straightforward means possible. PHN prides itself on having trained Ph.D equine nutritionists that are not only scientists, but also horsemen. They understand how to feed horses and the LMF Feeds, feeding recommendations, articles and seminars reflect that understanding. Please refer to their list of services to further clarify what they can do for you.


  • 2002

    LMF Endorses Todd Bergen

    Todd has earned 15 Open Champion titles and 11 Reserve Champion titles in the NRHA, NRCHA and AQHA’s most prestigious events since 1994.He has trained and shown all of his life and today shares his passion between the Reining, Cow Horse and Cutting events.

  • 2002

    LMF Feed Endorses Amy Tryon

    LMF Feeds welcomed Amy Tryon as a sponsored rider in 2002 until her untimely passing in 2012. She is greatly missed and her pleasant example of product support lives on.

  • 2003

    LMF Race Hits the Market

    LMF Race hits the marketplace as a replacement of LMF Hi Fat Race.

  • 2004

    LMF Senior Adds Glucosamine

    LMF Senior gets the additional innovation of Glucosamine.Glucosamine is a natural substance that is found in the cartiladge tissue associated with equine joints. Glucosamine is added to help horses feel more comfortable and move easier.

  • 2004

    FDA Approves Sel-Plex®

    Sel-Plex® is Alltech's proprietary organic form of selenium yeast manufactured to mimic Mother Nature, thus better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal than inorganic selenium. https://www.alltech.com/product/sel-plex

  • 2004

    LMF Feeds Ships Abroad

    LMF Feeds begins exporting feeds and building business relationships overseas.

  • 2004

    LMF 50% Organic Selenium

    With the FDA approval of the Sel-Plex® product, LMF Feeds moves to make a 50% inclusion of this organic Selenium in all of its horse feeds.

  • 2005

    LMF Endorses Winterprinz

    The fabulous black, Hannoverian stallion, Winterprinz, owned by Carolyn and Patrick Adams of Yarra Yarra Ranch in Pleasanton, CA knows how to show at the top. Winterprinz started winning as a youngster by being named the Champion Hannoverian Foal of Germany and the Reserve Champion foal of Europe in 1994. His outstanding show career continued through the years with win after win. Rising to the top, Winterprinz was awarded the coveted Prix St. George Horse of the Year Award in 2004, 2005 USDF Reserve Champion Intermediare 1, and AHSIntermediare 1 Champion. According to Carolyn, Winterprinz also knows how to show his delight by blowing little bubbles when he sees his LMF Showtime. Winterprinz has been fed LMF feeds for approximately five years and particularly loves his LMF Showtime feed. His condition, bloom and attitude is absolutely the best. The old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and we feel likeWinterprinz’s picture says it all.

  • 2006

    LMF Introduces Industries Lowest NSC Feed

    LMF Feeds introduced two new feeds that would mark their place as the lowest NSC Feeds on the market. LMF Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) Stage One and Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) Complete.

  • 2006

    LMF Alpaca Feed Introduced

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Alpaca Feeds into the Northwest market. These feeds include LMF Alpaca Developer and LMF Alpaca Reduced Calories.

  • 2007

    LMF Gold Makes a Splash

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Gold, a high fat, high calorie performance feed to the line up in 2007.

  • 2007

    LMF Gentle Balance- 1st Low Carb Performance Feed

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Gentle Balance, the first low carbohydrate performance feed to the market in 2007. This feed is the first of its kind to be designed for moderate performance with no grain and no molasses.

  • 2009

    LMF Digest "911"® Hits Shelves

    LMF Feeds introduces LMF Digest "911"®, a product made for Digestive Support. A Probiotic, Prebiotic and more.... visit lmffeeds.com/lmf-digest/

  • 2010

    LMF Feeds Partners with Alltech for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010(TM)

    [Lexington, KY] - Alltech, a global leader in animal health and nutrition, has proudly announced LMF Feeds as an Official Animal Health and Nutrition Partner for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010(TM). LMF Feeds is one of 35 global animal health and nutrition partners who have united with Alltech in a collaborative effort to promote the highest level of performance for the competitors of the world's most prestigious equestrian championships. http://www.alltech.com/news/news-articles/2011/11/14/lmf-feeds-partners-alltech-alltech-fei-world-equestrian-games-2010tm

  • 2013

    LMF Website ReLaunched

    LMF Feeds relaunches website with more features and information for customer use. Some additions include an Ask the Nutritionist area, Feed Advisor, Body Condition Scoring and more...

  • 2013

    LMF Endorses Kristi Nunnink

    LMF Feeds endorses Kristi Nunnink until 2016. Kristi Nunnink and R-Star became quite a riding sensation until an irregular heartbeat lead to R-Stars retirement.

  • 2014

    Another First - LMF Senior Low Carb

    LMF Feeds adds another first on the market as they launch LMF Senior Low Carb. This “unique feed” for older horses with carbohydrate sensitivities. LMF Senior Low Carb contains fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals (including chelated trace minerals and organic selenium) and yeast culture to aid in digestion. LMF Senior Low Carb is formulated to reduce starch and sugar intake for older horses that may be sensitive to carbohydrate related diseases. Critical nutrients are presented in highly palatable form that horses readily consume. LMF Senior Low Carb also contains glucosamine for joint health.

  • 2014

    100% Organic Selenium

    LMF Horse Feeds switch to 100% Organic Selenium in 2014. Organic Selenium is more bio-available than inorganic forms and better retained, which lets the horse build nutrient reserves against periods of increased demand with less risk of toxicity.

  • 2014

    LMF Super Supplement Texas

    LMF Super Supplement is introduced in Texas.

  • 2015

    Earth First Poultry Feed

    LMF Feeds launches another great product line, Earth First Poultry Feed, in the Northwest. LMF has used great feed innovations to make this great poultry product. Healthy food for your flock brought to you at an affordable price. We aim to bring you a better feed, for better food production, at a cost that is more affordable. We have added many natural ingredients, included chelated minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and added Omegas, while removing items of high GMO concern. www.earthfirstpoultry.com

  • 2015

    New Look and More

    LMF Digest gets a new look and is now approved for small animals and pets. That's right, the same great product you use for your horse, cattle and ruminants in now approved for use in your cats, dogs, rabbits and small animals.

  • 2016

    100% Natural Vitamin E

    LMF Feeds has gone even more natural with 100% Natural Vitamin E in all our Horse Feeds. Natural Vitamin E comes from plant oils. Synthetic Vitamin E is generally derived from a petroleum product. Synthetic Vitamin E is only about 12% as potent as Natural Vitamin E. Natural vitamin E is more bio-available (meaning easily used by the body).

  • 2016

    LMF Digest "911"® Ships Direct

    LMF Digest 911® becomes available to purchase on-line through www.lmffeeds.com.

  • 2017

    Website Face Lift

    Keeping you up to date and informed on our products, company and nutrition is our goal, so in 2017 we brought you another website face lift to add more tools and ease of use.