Marlin Statema

President, LMF Feeds Incorporated

Mr. Statema guided the startup of LMF Feeds in 1981 (known as Lan Mar Farms & Milling at that time), following 11 years of banking and agribusiness after receiving a degree in economics from Whitworth University. The founding principles associated with LMF from the beginning (see the history section of this web page) still guide the company and LMF horse feed products to this day, which can be summarized as “insuring the user of LMF feed products receive true value”.

ReBecca Skow

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

ReBecca Skow is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for LMF Feeds. She works with our manufactures, distributors, staff and customers assisting with LMF Products and Customer Service. ReBecca was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho where she spent all of her professional career in sales and marketing traveling near and far. Work has been a huge part of her life since she was young and began helping out her father in their small business. ReBecca enjoys the country environment and found her second home with us at LMF Feeds.

Sales Team

AFCO Distribution & Milling – Northwest Distribution Region
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  • Harris Statema – Western Oregon, Western Washington
    Harris owned & managed two retail feed stores over a period of 28 years. While managing the feed store operations, he also took part in significant equine nutrition training from some of the best equine nutritionists in the world. After selling the feed stores, Harris took on the responsibility of Equine Specialist for AFCO Distribution & Milling, and states, “My goal on any farm is to provide optimal nutrition to enable each horse to reach its genetic potential, using the theory that a horse with a balanced diet will always be healthier, perform better and be more cost effective for the owner”. He is a frequent presenter at equine nutrition seminars in the Pacific Northwest.

Farmers Feed Warehhouse – Southwest Distribution Region
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Nutritional Expertise

Performance Horse Nutrition

Performance Horse Nutrition (PHN) is an international equine nutrition consulting company. PHN works with horse owners, veterinarians and feed manufacturers worldwide in designing feeding programs, solving feed related issues and formulating feeds that complement local forages. PHN has two PhD equine nutritionists, Dr. Stephen Duren and Dr. Tania Cubitt, that are well respected as scientists, equine nutrition consultants and horsemen.

LMF Feeds Incorporated has retained the services of Performance Horse Nutrition to formulate all of their horse feeds. PHN has analyzed hundreds of hay and pasture samples to determine the appropriate energy, protein, mineral and vitamin levels necessary in of each of their feeds. PHN assisted LMF Feeds with pioneering the “A” and “G” formulation concept. This concept was designed such that “A” formulas are formulated to complement the nutrients in diets consisting of more than 50% alfalfa hay and “G” formulas are designed to complement the nutrients in diets consisting of 50% or more grass hay or pasture. PHN is also responsible to update and keep the LMF Feeds current with new research developments, and the most technologically advanced feed ingredients. Finally, PHN assists LMF Feeds in making sure feed clients get their equine nutrition questions answered by “real” equine nutritionists.