The Tevis Cup

LMF Feeds is a proud sponsor of The Tevis Cup

The Western States Trail, popularly called The Tevis Cup Ride, is the oldest modern day endurance ride, having been held annually since 1955. As such, it has been the inspiration and model for the most challenging endurance rides worldwide.

The Ride is sanctioned by AERC, the American Endrance Ride Conference. Each rider who completes the 100 mile course from Tahoe to Auburn within the 24 hour limit and whose mount is judged “fit to continue” is awarded the coveted silver Completion award Buckle. The Tevis Cup trophy is awarded to the person who completes the 100-Mile One-Day course in the shortest amount of time and whose horse is in sound condition and “fit to continue”.

Time Magazine recently named the Tevis Cup ride as one of the Top 10 Endurance Competitions in the World nestled amongst the Iditarod, the Tour de France, and the Le Mans of “notable tests of human stamina.”

Keeping the Tevis Trail open and pristine takes an amazing amount of energy, time and funding. The Western States Trail Foundation is dedicated to preserve the trail and its history.

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