Enjoy Relief with LMF Digest 911®

LMF Digest "911"® is a Probiotic Yeast Culture, a Prebiotic Manna-Oligosaccharide, combined with significant amount of B Complex Vitamins, all in a palatable blend to be used as a top dress to pet food, equine and ruminant feeds.


• Top Dress
• Applicable for Equines, Ruminants and Pets
• Promotes Overall Gut Health
• Enhances Nutrient Absorption
• Supports Healthy Immune Function
• Gastrointestinal (GI) Integrity and Stability
• Stimulates Appetite
• Increases Digestion Efficiency
• Reduced Potential of Scouring (Diarrhea)
• Efficient Nutrient Transfer from Mother to Young
• Stabilize cecal/colon pH

LMF Digest Available in 3 Convenient Sizes

2 Bags

$ 21.99

1 Bag

$ 33.99

1 Bag

$ 139.99