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Made in the Northwest Since 1981

LMF has always operated on certain foundational beliefs about feeding horses and formulating feeds for the Western US. These beliefs were relevant when we started, and remain relevant today.

Only High Quality Ingredients

LMF does not use screenings, fillers or other sub-standard ingredients. We only use high quality components in our feed, which includes minerals and other nutrients in forms that are most easily absorbed and used by the horse.

Forage First

Horses were designed to digest forage, and forage should always be the biggest part of the equine diet. In the Western US we have access to some of the best quality hays in the world. Supplemental feed formulation should be based on complementing regional forage.

Low Inclusion

Because the hay in the West is so good, LMF feeds can be formulated for a typically lower than average feeding rate. LMF feeds are designed to meet the horses’ nutritional needs at this low inclusion by using specific concentrations of critical nutrients in their most available form.

Alfalfa and Grass Hay Formulations

Alfalfa and grass hays have vastly different nutritional compositions. LMF feed formulas account for these differences in many of our products by offering both A and G formulations, which helps to ensure the horse is getting exactly the right nutrition based on type of forage they are consuming.

Reputation Built on Quality

Throughout the years, LMF Feeds, Inc. has built a reputation for standing by what we believe and always putting the health and well being of the horse first. The team that backs our products and represents our brand in the marketplace is essential to our success and we could not succeed without them.

Real Stories of Success

The best stories we can tell about our brand often don’t come from us at all – but from our loyal customers who have told us about the success they have had with our feeds.

Available Across the West.

Distributed throughout the Northwest, Southwest, Hawaii and Texas.
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