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Calming Feeds for Performance Horses

We have all heard the terms: “feeling their oats”, “high”, “fizzy”, “hot” and “hyper”. All...

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Feeding a Dressage Horse Part I

Dressage requires power, athleticism, concentration and obedience from the horse. The type of work required...

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Feeding a Dressage Horse Part II

Fats and oils are commonly used in horse feeds to increase the calorie content of...

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Feeding a Dressage Horse Part III

“Essential Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acids Recent advertisements have focused on the use...

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Feeding the Endurance Horse

Most endurance rides range in distance from 25 miles to 100 miles. Depending on the...

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Feeding the Eventing Horse

Eventing at all levels requires a horse to be extremely versatile. The horse must possess...

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Feeding the Mature Draft Horse

In recent years, the popularity and the use of draft horses has increased in the...

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Feeding the Performance Horse

What makes a horse a performance horse? Performance is “loosely” defined as any form of...

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Feeding the Pleasure Horse

“Light Pleasure Riding / Maintenance” Horses that are kept for pleasure or occasional riding are...

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Feeding Western Performance Horse

“Cutting, Reining and Barrel Racing” Western performance horses are unique since they need quick bursts...

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