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Chelated Minerals

Importance of minerals Minerals are vital to health. They are the building blocks that make...

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Don't Forget the Electrolytes

We are right in the thick of summer, and you are likely seeing  your horses...

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Essential Fatty Acids for Horses

Recent advertisements have focused on the use of Omega-3 supplements for horses, usually containing flaxseed...

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Feeding Magnesium to Horses

There has been a lot of discussion about magnesium supplementation in horses. It has been...

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Probiotic and Prebiotics for Horses

Horses have a unique digestive system. The front portion of the digestive system, the stomach...

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Protein: Friend or Foe in Equine Diets?

The word protein was derived from the Greek word proteos, meaning “of primary importance,” an...

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Super Fibers for Horses

Plants contain fibrous material known as structural carbohydrate. The primary structural carbohydrates include cellulose, hemicellulose,...

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Vitamin E – Going 100% Natural

Let’s take a look at Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble vitamin that...

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