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The Basics


A Balanced Diet "At All Costs"

For those people who own horses, properly feeding them is an important responsibility. A nutritionally...

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Body Condition Scoring

All horse owners want their horses to be healthy, look good, and be physically fit...

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Digestible Energy

An important measure of a horse feed’s value is its energy content. Energy density determines...

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Feed Tags

Commercially prepared, bagged, horse feed requires a feed tag. It’s the law, no exceptions. The...

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Feeding Behavior

Horses are non-ruminant herbivores also known as a “hindgut fermenters”. Their digestive tract is made...

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Feeding Donkeys and Mules

Mules & donkeys are members of the equine family along with horses, ponies, zebras. Most...

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Nutrition and Hoof Health

The influence of modern confinement systems and demand for maximum production have been shown to...

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Selecting Forage for Horses

Forage, such as hay and pasture is critical for the health and well-being of all...

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