LMF Digest 911® Total Gut Care

LMF Digest 911® Total Gut Care is a nutritional top dress to aid digestive & immune system health in equines in times of stress.

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Features & Benefits

  • Promotes Overall Gut Health
  • Supports Normal Stomach pH
  • Maintains Balance in Microbiome
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) Integrity and Stability
  • Increases Digestion Efficiency
Yeast Culture

Yeast Culture

Yeast Cultures work to enhance fiber digestion and nutrient absorption allowing for increased for enhanced animal performance. By improving feed efficiency yeast cultures also help to maintain body and coat conditions in horses.



Mannan-Oligosaccharide (MOS) is an all natural feed additive derived from cell wall of specific yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). MOS improves gastrointestinal health by binding harmful (pathogenic) bacteria, such as E. Coli and Salmonella. The binding of these bacteria reduces the growth of pathogens in the digestive system, making the digestive system, and ultimately the horse, healthier. A healthy horse with a healthy digestive system makes more efficient use of feed.

LMF Digest 911® Total Gut Care

One Scoop Equals 1 oz.

Equine Species

  • Adult Horses: Loading dose (first 14 days of treatment) 4 oz (4 Scoops)
  • Adult Horses: Maintenance dose (after the 14 days of treatment) 2 oz (2 Scoops)

*Per Day Feeding Doses

  • LMF Digest 911® Total Gut Care Specs



    Calcium, Min

    20 g

    Calcium, Max

    22 g

    Zinc, Min

    790 mg

    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Culture

    60 Billion Cells

    Bacilus Subtilis, Min

    25 Billion CFU


    Calcite (marine based calcium), Dried Yeast Culture, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Culture, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Oil, Butyric Acid, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Maltodextrin, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Silicone Dioxide.

    Store in a cool, dry location.

Available Across the West.

Distributed throughout the Northwest, Southwest, Hawaii and Texas.
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