Holly Tree Farm – “Mojave Kid”

“My name is Summer Chapman. I am an Arabian horse trainer in SW Washington I have trained/shown Mojave Kid for his owners, Lynn and Arnie Myhra, for 8 years. Although I do not switch feeds very often, I have from time to time strayed from LMF. I’ve been where it is not available or someone has given me a really good pitch about their feed with what seemed liked valid data backing it up. I always come back to the LMF and this time I will never stray again. I was first introduced to LMF 25 years ago.

The stallion, Mojave Kid ++++//, has always been a stunner. But I can honestly say that he always looks his best on the LMF products. In late 2011 we switched him over to LMF Senior. This seemed to be the best option for him based off of his needs at the time. By our 1st show of the season in February in Scottsdale Arizona, he looked the best he every had! Winning Hi-Point Dressage horse. Winning 6 of his 7 classes and placed Reserve Champion in the one he didn’t win. He traveled a great deal that year too, as he always does, and never dropped a pound. As well, he was eating less than half of the amount of grain. So my heart was happy about that and so was my wallet! He finished this year with his most impressive wins yet. 2 National Championships in 2 of our biggest most competitive classes of our US Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. Not to mention his Top Ten’s. And all of his year end USEF Horse of the Year awards that he won for his dressage! We could not be happier!

Jave’s owner and I both exclusively feed LMF products to our more than 25 head. We love it and will hope to always have the opportunity to feed it!!”

Summer Chapman Arabian Horse Trainer - SW Washington


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