Lisa R. – Sierra and her foal

“New filly, long awaited. gypsy quarter/arab cross. Mare was on LMF development a couple months prior to breeding. surprised us all when she was only with the stud for 1 hour on her first heat of the season and got pregnant! She was fed LMF development through the whole pregnancy. foaled on April 7, first time mom, needed no help and is being a great mommy. Sierra (mare) looks wonderful I’ve not seen a mare look so good after giving birth. She was fed LMF 911 after delivery, got her gut moving and increased her appetite. when the foal was discovered was up dry and already nursing. very heathy filly, sturdy and coordinated. everyone was happy to see a long legged filly well built and great conformation. vet said, “Nice Filly!” She will be raised on LMF!

Lisa R. -


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