N. Miller – Orphan Annie

“I rescued my horse (Orphan Annie) last February 2012 off of a Craig’s List ad. I went with a friend for a sheep that was in need of a home and Annie was there also. The previous owners had abandoned the animals for at least 9 months. She was extremely thin and dehydrated and only weighed around 650 lbs. I took her home and started the long process of rehab on a rescue horse, which I had never done before. I happened to be at the local Wilco when the LMF Representative was there. I told him about Orphan Annie and he recommended Primetime G as well as a probiotic for her stomach. After 6 months she looked like a different horse, weighing 850 lbs.

I also had her teeth done and hoofs trimmed every 5 weeks because of so much neglect before I had her. She has 15 acres to graze on and 6 mini horses to keep her company. She has turned out to be a very nice mare and I feel very lucky to have her. I trail rid her about once a week and she loves the attention that she gets on our farm.”

N. Miller - Washington


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